Toyota Celica (TA22)

This is the (on going) story of my classic car - a Toyota Celica 1975 model TA22.

Bought the car in 1983 or 400 DM and I drove it until 1996.
I shut the car down and bought a used Celica T16. The TA22 now eke out its existence over
ten years on clay soil, had no alternative.
Unfortunately I have no pictures from the beginning (1983).

Here are pics of 1992 and 2006:

In 2007 I ventured to complete restoration. Since I had to learn welding and much more, it was a lengthy project.
The formerly beautiful car has now become a sad pile of junk, as the picture above document.

So have a lot of fun with my story - comments are higly appreciated (use rotating @).